CD Esoteric

Font released by Chuck Davis
and rivisited by 4YEO! :)

Download the font (TTF format, zipped) here

e-mail Chuck

And now some words from the Author himself, Chuck!

".....I am 28 years old and live in Palmdale, CA. I work as a designer and illustrator in Canoga Park, CA.
I have my own sign business on the side--"Fine Sign Company" doing mostly hand painted work.
My fondness for lettering began in junior high school ---when I was a graffiti artist--- spray painting murals comprised of "wild-style" lettering and cartoon characters.
This eventually landed me in hot water when I was caught tagging my name --"sine" at school. I then got wise and decided that I could make money with my skills.
And so with the world of grafitti art behind me, I turned to sign painting and eventually graphic design. I hope others will find "CD Esoteric" as useful as I have.


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