Font released by CybaPee
and rivisited by 4YEO! :)

Download the font (TTF format, zipped) here

And now some words from the Font Designer herself, CybaPee

A colorful curriculum: I studied Roman languages, then computer sciences.

After doing some programming of IBM machines I changed to PC-network-administration.

From 1998 to 1999 I was off job for health reasons, and I had a lot of time to discover the world of graphics and fonts.

So I did - and the result can be seen on typOasis.

Now that I am back to work I joined the Intranet-development team in my company,
and it looks like I am going to have a lot of fun over the upcoming years maintaining this Intranet.

Visit CybaPee's site for more free original fonts @

TypOasis by CybaPee


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