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Special section: 4YEO list of Friends!!!

Here you will find links to all the cool people & sites that enjoyed our linkware graphics,
used it on their web-pages,
and linked back to 4YEO site giving us credits for our work.
It is as simple as that!

Today there are 630 links in the list ~ WOW!!!

If you want your site added to the list as well,
because you are one of our Friends, too,
just send us your URL in an with "4YEO friends" as subject.
Since there are so many of you we cannot answer personally to each one when your link is set up.
Please, just check back in a few days after your submission: if you meet the requirments,
you will find our link to you!

Hint! If you use our graphics...
set a link back to 4YEO on the page where you have used our images!
You can use this code:

<a href="" target="4yeo">Graphics by
<img src="4yeosm.gif" border="0" alt="4YEO" align="middle"></a>

Here's the result:
Graphics by 4YEO

more linking options here

Now, just click on the letters above to visit our Friends' sites!

(please, report broken links or changed urls here)

The 4YEO Friends' List is sponsored by

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