to create a virtual dungeon on your website!

to use this set of web graphics:

~ download the graphics you like
~ upload them to your own server
~ use this button to link back to 4YEO
directly from the page where you used our graphics.
For Your Eyes Only

capital Letters
with musk and ivy to adorn your paragraphs of text.
(to use them: vspace=o ; hspace=o ; align=baseline )


to give directions so your visitors will not get lost in your crypt

nextpetspicaspoemssign submittournamentviewvote

bullets & Extras
for a final, medieval touch to any page, list of items, etc...

skull.gif cross.gif bullet.gif

to download the graphics:
PC user - right click
MAC user: click and hold
then both choose "Save image/picture as"
Need more tips? Go to "Support On Line"!

when using the medieval set, you can use these font settings:
text=#ffffff ; links=#999999 ; visited links=#666666 ; active links=#cccccc

remember: the URL of your site
and you'll be added to the "4YEO friends" list
with all the pages that currently use our graphics
and set a link back to us!

to set a link back to 4YEO site use the following code:

<a href="http://www.4yeo.com" target="4yeo">
<img src="4yeo.gif" border="0" alt="4YEO"></a>

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