Professional graphic design

 My name is Monica Di Leandro.

I'm a graphic designer since a looong timenow.
(In spite of this, I'm young! But don't ask my age :)

Follow me in this short promo site. I'll show you the power of graphic design.
Believe me: it's a wonderful chance to give Internet's users high quality standards at low prices.

Internet and multimedia developement is my job: I'm a lucky woman because people pay me to do what I like!

My main targets are: web site and graphic designing, multimedia developement, business communication means in general (I'm also a partner in a TV News agency).

I'm Italian, but I studied in USA schools.
On a base of humanistic study, I improved my passion for Computer Science, after studies in the biology branches (I'm PhD in Molecular Genetics); in particular I discovered the power of digital imaging applications working for the Human Genetics Dept.

Later on, I worked as a Jr. Software Engineer in a financial softwarehouse (well, you can say I like to test my skills).

With Internet's growth, I explored the new chance offered by the web from the communication point of view.

I created a softwarehouse, Ingegneria Multimediale s.r.l. specialised in Internet technologies, multimedia applications and CD Roms developement.

Now, I'm the Multimedia Manager (always "fighting" with the engineer vision of my partners!:-)

I speak Italian, English and French.
I like Cinema, Science Fiction books and some comics (don't tell me I'm too old for this!)

But most of all...
I love my job.

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